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Vintage Sold As Seen

Vintage Clothing

When you find an item that Inspires you to see the Beauty and the History behind it, it stays with you forever.


When I discovered this (as displayed) 1920s Paper Silk Hand printed Kimono at a "pick" a few years ago, it was lying at the top of a full bin, Yes, in a bin!! When I inquired to see if it was for sale the lady said (looking confused at my badly hidden excitement) "Just take it! It needs too much work.."


On closer inspection later on when safely back at the studio, I discovered a few stitches and a gentle steam pretty much fixed it and since then it has stayed with me as a continuous source of everlasting inspiration.

It's discovering that special something with perhaps a few flaws and being able to see its history that makes me never tire of Vintage!


The items you see here in this Sold As Seen Collection all have their flaws but are full of life and history and I have left them all in the original condition I rescued them in for You to enjoy, admire, go dancing in or re-purpose and give a new lease of life.


They would make fantastic patterns for future Treasures and will appeal to all you avid collectors, as well entry level collectors. Hope you will Love as much as we do.

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