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About Little Viking Vintage

Little Viking

The story of a Little Viking, so far…

Instead of shopping for clothing, our mother used to take us to the local fabric and haberdashery store where we would pick and choose from the patterns and fabrics for our next outfit. This sparked our lifelong passion for clothing and the making of.


We came to London where we lived and worked as fashion designers and stylists for a variety of major labels.

However, we were always drawn to the styles and patterns of long ago eras, how beautifully a 1940’s dress could be crafted and our love affair with vintage clothing began.


After years of being serious collectors, travelling the world and searching for undiscovered treasures, we decided to share our finds with you. What you see here is only the best of the best!! All the garments and items have a very special place in our heart and we hope you will love them as much as we do.

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